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The president breathed a sigh of relief, whereas Gregor was clearly irritated.

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「I’ve been blown up so much to the point where my body is used to it.」

Claude-san’s〈Avio Troop〉and Lilim-senpai’s〈Burst Clay〉.

I have fought relatively frequently with soul dress users with explosive-type up to now.

As a result of repeatedly being exposed to bomb blasts and flames over and over again, my body has adapted to the phenomenon of『explosion』.

(But if I get a direct hit from a large bomb like『Owl』or『Burst Sword』, I will definitely sustain damage to a certain extent.)

The true nature of Gregor’s ability is not explosion, but a『by-product』explosion, so to speak. Which can be completely prevented by cladding myself in a thin dark robe.

「Is that so… Now I’ve got a good idea that you’re an『inhuman』. Then, how about this one!?」

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When he raised his left hand high in the sky, a vast amount of ash swords formed over his head.

He seems to have switched from explosion to stabbing.

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(An『ever-changing』attack form, with a wide variety of techniques.)

I won’t be able to defend against that with just the dark robe.

I held onto Seigan no Kamae and adjusted my breathing.

「Haha, I’m going to skewer you! Embers Swords!」

Gregor swung his left hand down, and more than a hundred ash swords were fired all at once.

Certainly, the number is a little much, but… this degree is still no problem.

With movements that are true to the basics, I cut down all the impending ash swords.

「Tch… A gross swordsmanship that is faithful to the basics. You love boring『plain training』, is it?!」

「Yeah, that was all I had.」