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All in all, most of them either felt worried or felt bad. Some even felt indignant for the clubs.

Pei Qian had been quite happy at that time.

If everyone had continued moaning and groaning, no one would have wanted the clubs’ GOG teams. Then, he would have bought them all. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to buy them all at a high price?

Yet, in less than two days, everything had changed!

For some reason, the news that the three clubs had decided not to sell their GOG teams, and that Shenhua Real Estate and Sun Strike Studios were also preparing to purchase GPL slots had spread. The public opinion then took a 180-degree turn!

“Am I seeing things? Shenhua Real Estate has entered the market? They want to dabble in E-Sports? This is a f*cking downturn! Can the other clubs compete with such money?”

“The GPL actually wants to have sixteen teams. How are they going to arrange the competition schedule?”

“One look and I can tell that this would be a huge investment!”

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“It’s over, I’ve been slapped in the face. I thought that the GPL would not be able to make it. Now, it looks like it’s unstoppable. Just the slots alone are enough to drive everyone crazy!”

“They’re only selling once? For three days? Hurry up and fight for it! Even if you get a slot for twenty million yuan, you’ll still make a killing!”

“That’s right. The entrance of large capital means that the entire market is optimistic about this prospect! Who knows, we might be able to earn millions or even tens of millions just by selling GPL slots in the future!”

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The more Pei Qian read these comments, the more he felt that something was amiss.

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Were there fake reviewers leading these discussions?

Two days ago, people had been saying that no one would want the GPL slots. How long had passed since? Had the public’s opinion changed so quickly?

It was impossible to believe that no one was responsible for this.