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“Those two beautiful girls…”

I got nervous after hearing that for some reason. …Huh?

(Kiriya-san and Saika-san standing together, …they do look like…two beautiful girls…)

What the hell? My heart’s starting to beat faster. …I think I just…foresaw something…really terrible. …However, …I’m like a step away from the truth.

(What’s happening? …Which part of what Aguri-san said made me worry so much…?)

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To search for the worry in my heart, I slowly sank into the ocean of thoughts. However…

< Bang! >

-The sound of someone slapping the table freaked me out as I raised my face. So, in front of me, …my girlfriend’s getting angry again.

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“Meeting two mysterious beauties, what’s happening, Amano-kun!?”

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“T-That’s not true. Didn’t Aguri-san say it before? She got the wrong person…”

“Seriously!? Don’t tell me you’re raising flags on those beautiful characters like a light novel protagonist in a spinoff volume!?”

“Spinoff. There isn’t a difference between the main story and spinoff in my life in the first place…”

However, Tendou-san didn’t listen to me as she expanded on her paranoia.