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“Honestly, you just changed how you rejected onee-chan a little bit, and I really hate it.”

“I didn’t mean to do that…”

“Onee-chan said ‘she would love to’ despite not feeling happy about it. So, I bet you think her little sister would do the same. I saw you right through.”


Senpai’s face is growing paler and paler.

I stood in front of senpai and looked at his dripping eyes with my coldest gaze.

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“Look! I-I’m really sorry-“

Then, just as he’s trembling, terrified, and backing down-

-I touched his face with my lips.

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“-Eh!? Hey, e…eh?”

Suddenly, senpai raised his head in shock and took a step back.

Seeing that, I raised my head and looked at senpai before smiling embarrassedly. Then, I told him my answer- no, my declaration of war.

“-I’m not planning to end my love for senpai at all.”