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Zhao Xuming quickly answered, “Some news came out.”

“At the moment, Tengda Corporation’s overseas league should still be in the preparation stage. I heard that they are going to collaborate with overseas companies to promote it. The various agent companies will decide on the specifics of the overseas league. Tengda Corporation will only serve as a guide and a barrier.”

“As for which companies to work with, the specific tournament format, schedule, and teams for the overseas competitions... I haven’t heard anything about them yet.”

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Eric nodded and smiled. “We’re finally better than the overseas league. IOI’s international regional leagues started earlier than GOG. Moreover, Finger Games established branch offices in various places to directly manage them. They obviously have the overall advantage in this aspect.”

Zhao Xuming asked, “I was also very surprised when I heard this news. It doesn’t look like Boss Pei’s style. Wouldn’t it be awkward if we cooperate with other companies and let these companies lead the preparations for the overseas league?”

Eric smiled. “Do you think Boss Pei doesn’t realize that? He did, but he had no choice.”

“Tengda Corporation does not have much experience overseas after all. It would be very difficult for them to take charge by force.”

“Dayak Corporation is a multinational corporation that has good influence in many areas around the world. Finger Games is also an American company.”

“In other words, Tengda has a natural advantage in the domestic league. However, in the overseas league, this situation is completely the opposite.”

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“Based on what I know, Finger Games’ headquarters are almost ready for the league in the Northern American Region. The current price for the slot is...”

“Seven million US dollars.”

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Zhao Xuming was stunned. “So expensive!”

That was the price of a single slot.

Previously, they had all said that Boss Pei had sold the GPL slots at an astronomical price. However, the average price of the slots was about twenty million yuan. After some calculations, it was only three million US dollars.

On the other hand, IOI’s Northern American Regional slot price was double that of GPL!

Eric smiled. “It looks a little expensive at the moment, but it might not be so in the future. What’s more, many clubs will buy it for seven million US dollars.”

“The clubs in the Northern American Region are much wealthier. Buying a slot with seven million US dollar was painful to them but they would never give it up.”

E-Sports industries developed at different levels in different regions. E-Sports industries in Europe, America, and Korea developed relatively quickly, but the Northern American Region was definitely the richest in terms of financial resources.

Of course, many large financial groups were stationed in the domestic e-sports industry. The financial resources of the various clubs were also increasing rapidly. However, their financial resources were still far inferior compared to the clubs in the United States.