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How to help others sell money online

“It’s shameful. I never thought you’d be unable to win even once. With this, won’t the next champion in the [Graduation Commemorative Match] be me.”

“Ha ha ha, I guess ”

“Is that funny? When you graduate, you will be a fine warrior, serve the Royal Palace, and will be a key figure in the protection the Imperial Capital beside your father. It would be a pitiful thing that you are weaker than me, the princess.”

How many times have I heard this sermon?

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If the other party wasn’t a princess, I would scream, [SHUT THE [email protected]# UP WOMAN]

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If she wasn’t a childhood friend, I might have hit her.

“As the son of the hero who saved the world, isn’t it embarrassing?”

In addition to me, this school has children of nobles and other offspring of the heroes who defeated the Great Demon King.

However, none could beat Princess Phianse, either in academic or in combat.

Yet I’m the only one she preaches to every time. It’s quite annoying.

And it’s not just the sermons that get to me.

“But... the princess is a really impressive, but...... Earth is pretty strong, too.”

“Yes, he’s a little withdrawn, but looks a bit wild and cool.”