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「I won’t give up no matter how much you glare! You’ll polish your swordsmanship in our Vesteria and become a fine swordsman! – Damn it. If I didn’t fall for Leia’s temptation at that time, things wouldn’t have turned out like this…!」

The last line – His Majesty gritted his teeth, grumbled something with a small voice.

「What are you going to do now, Allen-Rodore! I tell you, you have no chance of winning! This is not a threat. It is absolutely impossible for you to win! I think it’s a smart choice to run away with your tail tucked between your legs…」he said, and left the choice to me.


Ria pinched the sleeve of my clothes a little anxiously.

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(I… want to be together with Ria.)

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Moreover, she also wants to learn swordsmanship at Thousand Blade Academy.

(If His Majesty Gris is so confident, then surely he must have quite the number of swordsmen under his arm…)

But – no matter how difficult it is, if the possibility is not zero, I’ll face it.

「I’ll show you – that I’m the next strongest of Vesteria.」

「Fuun… It’s a stupid choice. After all, you’re just a child… Then, starting at ten o’clock tomorrow, we will conduct the duel at the Great Arena! You’ll have to face three swordsman of our choosing, but… You have no objection, do you?」

His Majesty raised three fingers and laughed as if to shake me up.

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「T-Three!? Father, the conditions are unfair!」