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Pei Qian raised his hand and said, “Mr. Zhang, please.”

Zhang Zuting and his manager looked at the fragrant and succulent flesh and roe in front of them. Immediately, they felt their appetites being whetted.

Zhang Zuting’s manager, especially, felt that he had hugely benefited from this trip to Jingzhou!

Zhang Zuting had indeed been paid two million yuan to be this game’s spokesperson, but his manager had not been offered a single cent.

This manager had thought that this trip to Jingzhou would be an ordinary one, part of his job scope. He did not have much expectation. He would never have thought that he would be able to taste such delicacies while on this trip!

Other things aside, taking an airplane to Jingzhou just to eat this rare King Crab was worth it!

As Zhang Zuting ate the crab, he could not help but feel moved. He felt highly regarded by Boss Pei!

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Although he did not have to film much the next day, he told himself that he had to take it seriously. He had to put 120%!o(MISSING)f his acting skills into the job and make the advertisement perfect!

Noon the next day, in the film studio…

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Zhang Zuting was all dressed. He looked very intimidating. He was dressed in silvery-red battle armor, which had a golden dragon head on each of the shoulders. They were very precisely carved in and looked full of character.

This costume had been custom-made for him and was modeled after the top-notch costumes in Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version.

Apart from this, he also had a golden sword, which measured almost as long as a human. It shone and glittered under the reflection of the light.

Of course, his battle armor and sword were not really made of gold; they were not that heavy. Even if Zhang Zuting were to dance around in them, he would not be exhausted.

However, looking at the way he was dressed, Zhang Zuting felt lifeless.

Where am I?

What am I doing?