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"Ho ho......Hey, do you know? When a immutable truth is presented, how do humans react......?"

She shook and hugged herself. With a hollowed and dulled smile, she gave me a faraway stare.

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"I give up. Yes, I was preyed on and devoured. I was reduced to mechanically reacting to stimulus. I couldn't even muster the courage to resist. I couldn't do anything else. All I can do is receive them."

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As she finally comes to term with this decision, Karuizawa herself lifted her skirt, and placed her hands on her panties.

I grasped her wrists and hold her against the ship's wall.

"What did you received. Where were the pains that tormented you?"

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"What......Of course everything I had. My shoes were tacks put in. My table drawer was filled with dead animal carcasses. When I go to washrooms I get splashed on with dirty water. My uniforms were written with words like 'prostitue'. My hair was dragged on. Punches and kicks were so numerous they were not worth mentioning. Any kind of bullying that you can imagine, I've experienced it. What I said was just a selected sampling. They were so relatively 'gentle' I could laugh. So why don't you start laughing? Laugh at me who was continuously spit on and bullied?"

After experiencing all this, it is impressive she can still muster up her courage and throw herself into battle again.

Her 'core' is strong, and this is why she can still stand up and enter this high school.

So this is what's going on.

But......This is not enough to explain some of the things I noticed.

"Are these the only torments that you experienced?


"What you said, were they the whole truth?"

I feel feel there is still something critical that shattered her heart.

That abnormal way of showing her terrors couldn't help but make me think that there's something else behind it.