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“T-That’s right, I get it. Playing leisurely is important, right! But that doesn’t mean I only like simple games…”

“Yup, difficult games are nice too. Like those that explores dungeons…”

“Well, RTS and those foreign beat-them-up games are attractive too… Right?”

“Of course! Although I am really bad at them.”

“Yes, my skills are terrible too.”

The two of us laughed softly.

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I didn’t expect to find someone to talk about games with like this… Today is a good day.

I was enjoying the blissful moment quietly. Although being chatted up by Tendo-san the first time was also blissful enough to give me wings; but the bliss I felt today was different in nature compared to that day.

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I took a look, and Hoshinomori-san who was lowering her head had a cheerful expression now, as she looked at me excitedly.

"Hoshinomori-san, I am surprised… Erm, this might sound rude, but you are really chatty.”

“Not at all, that’s not true. B-But, I will talk more when I am with people I am comfortable with…”

Oh no, that’s just like me. No wonder she sounded so intimate. I wasn’t sure if it was her catch phrase, but she will occasionally repeat herself with ‘t-that’ or ‘b-but’, which express her seriousness and was unexpectedly soothing. I took a deep breath and said:

“Sigh, I feel at ease. Hoshinomori-san, you don’t really make me conscious that you are a girl─ Ah, putting it that way sounds rude, my bad."

My words made Hoshinomori-san smile wryly.