Is it true to help online typing?

Is it true to help online typing?

(…Dodriel was missing)

Speaking of which… I never saw him after the duel.

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(Well, I don’t care, but…)

Leia-sensei, who heard the enthusiastic claims of the three of them,

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「So, what do you wish to do in the end?」

Surprisingly enough, they took some time to digest their own defense.

「That is… we would like you to… select the participating member once again carefully.」

「In the first place, it should be customary to select the members for the Big Five Holy Festival after taking into account the results of the practical test.」

「T-That’s right! This is so unprecedented! We firmly request you to redo the selection!」

As Leia-sensei took a step backwards, their volume gradually increased.

However, such momentum was instantly stopped with just one question from sensei.

「Fumu, that is, you are saying that you are dissatisfied with my, the president’s decision?」