Is it true that the part-time job in coding online is true?

Is it true that the part-time job in coding online is true?

As for the location of these Upwind Courier stations…

They were primarily in dense residential areas and buzzing economic districts in Jingzhou City.

In Pei Qian’s eyes, this was entirely a matter of public interest: if they wanted to serve more people, they naturally had to open in places with significant human traffic. The more deliveries were made, the more losses he could make.

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Of course, Pei Qian had his ulterior motives. He had opened Upwind Courier stations near his parents’ place as well as near Handong University.

Regardless of where Pei Qian was at, there would always be express deliverymen that could service these places; and he wouldn’t need to make the trip himself.

As for Shenhua View and the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes, express delivery companies basically could deliver to the front desk. There wasn’t a need now to open Upwind Courier stations near them.

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As they reached Ming Yun Villas’ Upwind Courier station, Pei Qian first took a look at the storefront. This courier station was behind a Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in a rented shophouse; its location was very good.

Near this place were newly renovated and soon-to-open bar and mahjong and chess parlors. Although this area was actually rather deserted-after these three shops opened, this place would become rather happening!

As for why this location was chosen, the main reason was that Upwind Courier stations were not normal shops. Strictly speaking, these stations were just warehouses. No matter how good their locations might be, that would not earn them money; conversely, more rent had to be made.

Lu Mingliang followed Pei Qian to the front of this Upwind Courier station, and his first impression was one of shock.

This place seemed to be rather huge!

Originally, when Lu Mingliang had heard that he was to be responsible for logistics, he had instinctively thought of express delivery.

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He had seen some other express delivery companies’ stations. They had not been very professional and didn’t even have proper signboards done up; some didn’t even hang signboards.

As for the interior of these stations, they were basically warehouses that were extremely messy and filled with goods. No one was really maintaining the cleanliness of the place, and the ground was filled with dust.