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“I have no objections, that was really a nonsense question. Of course, I have already mastered the contents of this exam.”

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He stretched his long legs onto his desk as usual and smoothed his hair back.

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“Well, can I expect you to indeed score more than 80 points?”

“What do you think? Wouldn’t that depend on the content of the test?”

“If you deliberately score 0 points and get matched up with another student with high grades, there will be a risk of a breakdown in the overall balance for the class. Could you at least understand this, if anything?”

The only thing to be afraid of for these quizzes is an abnormal score. A highly-capable pair like Horikita and Kōenji being created must be avoided.

“I’ll consider it carefully. Girl.”

Even though Kōenji’s answer was really suspicious, she couldn’t pursue the topic now.

Because we have to control the points of the official final exam.

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(Intro End.)

The next day, the time of the quizzes arrived.

I thought that we would begin immediately, but Chabashira-sensei addressed the class first.

“The quiz will start here in a moment, but I have something to report on before that happens. The class that you had nominated to attack for the final exams, Class C, was approved as it did not conflict with the choices from any other classes.”

“Did Class A and Class B both nominate Class D? Regardless, it’s great that we’re able to attack the unstudious Class C without leaving luck and misfortune up to the heavens.”