Xiaobai online making money

Xiaobai online making money

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If Finger Games could really become what Pei Qian imagined, the exclusive agency rightsin addition to the shares-would earn Tengda a lot of money.

Earning money was indeed akin to feces in Boss Pei’s eyes. Yet… Boss Pei could not ignore too many feces.

If IOI earned billions of yuan every year-no matter how the System adjusted the Profit Conversion Ratios, Pei Qian would still gain a lot of Personal Wealth. If it were merely millions of yuan, the sum would be insignificant to Pei Qian. However, billions of yuan would be a totally different story.

Moreover, if Pei Qian allowed his imagination to run wild, he might even be able to create unique skins and heroes named after himself!

All of that sounded pretty enchanting!

If this really happened, Pei Qian would just have to lie back and earn money without doing anything. That sounded like nothing short of a good plan, too. He could earn a lot of System Funds and spend it on logistics and physical industries to give back to society.

He could also earn foreigners’ money to give back to his own country. He would be the epitome of a rooted, patriotic, and young man.

Of course, none of these were guaranteed as well.

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The entire world was different now. What’s more, the company and game were different from what Pei Qian remembered. Who could promise that IOI would achieve the same level of success as LOL?

Even if they did, that would only happen in two or three more years.

Until then, a lot of advertising and hard work still had to be down. The game could only conquer the global games market at the right time and in the right place.

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Who could tell what would happen in three or four years?

While the grass grew, the horse starved. Even if Pei Qian could really lie back and generate profits in three or four years, Pei Qian’s current strategy would remain unaffected.

At the end of the day-for the sake of his long-term goals, Pei Qian had to keep the shares and exclusive agency rights.

If it generated profit for him in the short-term, he could think of other ways to spend the additional money. He could spend it on logistics, warehouses, or charity. In any case, he would just have to think of different avenues to spend money in order to do his part for society.

When he thought about things from this angle, the situation did not seem so bad.

He still had hopes of incurring losses.