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Earn money on the Internet is to promote

There might be eight characters in the game, four handsome guys and four beautiful ladies. What if the players did not like them? It was not impossible.

However, the current design had indeed minimized the possibility of them collecting dust.

Jiang Yuan was very happy. “Brother Wang is indeed a professional. I think this game is very attractive to me!”

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“However, I wonder how much would the game cost to create with so many characters.”

Wang Xiaobin said, “The cost would not be very high because the resources involved in the game are relatively limited. There are only a few scenes, movements, and monsters. Perhaps the models of these eight characters at different stages have to be done more meticulously. That would be the most expensive part.”

“However, we still have to be prepared that the game itself cannot recoup its costs.”

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“My plan is to set the game itself free, but I want to add in some in-game purchases to sell some little things like clothes. Players can buy pretty little dresses if they want to, and if they don’t, they can work out and slowly earn it.”

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“What’s more, this game and equipment would basically be advertising Deposit Fitness and Tengda’s other industries.

“We can accept incurring losses, as long as we can generate good advertising effects.”

“I suddenly have an idea. I don’t know if it’s right.” Chang You said after listening to Wang Xiaobin’s explanation.

“This game sounds quite interesting. The pool of users would definitely be too limited if we have to match the equipment in order to play it.”

“Can we make an additional low-quality version? The resources are ready-made anyway. We just have to make a few more moves.”