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Everyone was enlightened.

Just like a complicated knot that was cut into pieces, this seemingly unsolvable problem had been so easily resolved by Boss Pei!

However, while it was easy to say this, it was rather hard to do this. Who would have the courage to directly cut off eight percent of one’s income?

Thinking of this, everyone started to admire Boss Pei even more. He was willing to let go when need be, without hesitation. Indeed, this was the level of attainment of a true master!

Ye Zhizhou was also emotional as he rapped the table, “Alright, our last problem has been solved. Let’s… get to work! We must follow through with Boss Pei’s thinking and revive these two games!”

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I headed towards the infirmary inside the school alone, feeling a sense of loss after Ayanokouji-kun verbally demolished me. Since he usually follows his self-proclaimed mature policy of non-interference, I didn't expect him to act in that manner and speak out. Having been surprised by that, I wasn't able to answer satisfactorily.

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"...that's not it".

It's because he was right, because he hit the mark, that I wasn't able to retort.


Either way, what I ought to be doing right now is to do something about this leg of mine that I can't move the way I want. Treatment is necessary if I am to go after Sudou-kun.

There were emergency first aid personnel stationed on the grounds but wanting to avoid standing out to the best of my ability, I had chosen the infirmary inside the school. However, when I checked the infirmary, it appears there's someone who arrived before me. Out of the three beds inside, one of them is shrouded by a curtain and I couldn't see the situation. It appears someone's resting on that bed.

"Sensei, what's the condition?".