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But that’s not the end of it.

Not yet, Mr. Machio still had more to give, and I understood that he wasn’t bluffing.

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“My Super Magic Recovery... if applied, could enable muscle control... and eventually allow increased blood production and blood flow control.”

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“...... What?”

“Earth. If you are the one who reached the Breakthrough by the depths of the magic path... then me... I’ll show you the potential of the human body.”

With that said, Mr. Machio held his breath and strained his whole body so that every blood vessel in his entire body was visible.

“Earth. Human beings usually use only 20 to 30 percent of their power. There is a limiter on it.”

His teeth were clenched incomparably to the men who boasted of their muscles in the dojo, and his face was so red that it seemed that the blood vessels in his head would burst.

“I understood when I saw it... very likely...... that lad, José, forced it with medicine... however...... my own power- – “

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“I don’t... oh...... ooh...”

“Physical strength... power...... speed...... this is my all right now! Earth!!!!!”

Then, Mr. Machio barked, the air trembled, and at the same time, a fierce dash... so fast!!

“Uoooooh, oooooooh! Ouooooooooooh!!!!”

“Ugh, guh, wh, hold on!?”

Mr. Machio, who always wore a calm and mature atmosphere, raged violently like a fierce beast that couldn’t contain its excitement.

He brandished his arms, brandished his legs, and sometimes tried to tear me with his hands.

The attack was a big swing, so if you could anticipate it, you could avoid it... but...... it’s much faster compared to before.