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Online invitation to make money missions

I can make mother who has been struggling so long have an easy life with that money, and maybe, I could even get married to someone.

(I was supposed to have such a peaceful and happy every day… Where did I make a mistake…)

Classmates are hostile towards me, and favorability from everyone is brilliantly zero – this is a minus start.

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And now, I’m surrounded into a corner by three classmates.


Life really doesn’t go as we want.

Even though I entered Thousand Blade Academy, one of the prestigious Five Academy in the capital, I keep going through one trial after another with no time to rest.

(Anyway, let’s finish up this match soon)

For now, shall I break this stalemate?

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To do that, I must first crush one of the vertices of the triangle.

I targeted the one who was in front of me cause it doesn’t really matter whom I choose, and zeroed the distance with him in a single step.

「Eight Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「!? Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

As expected of a student of the prestigious Thousand Academy.