What can learn to make money online

What can learn to make money online

Boss Pei was more generous towards them than towards the other departments with salary and additional funds so Boss Pei did care about the Bunny Tail Live-Stream. However, Boss Pei was also the one who created the ‘mandatory one hour’ function, causing the popularity of the live-stream of Bunny Tail to be severely damaged. What’s more, he had no intention of changing it even now.

Based on Boss Pei’s efficiency, the 10 million yuan should be in his bank account very soon. However, Chen Yufeng had no idea what exactly he should do.

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He frowned and scrolled through his computer for a long time, but he could not think of anything suitable.

Someone pushed open the door and entered just as he was fretting.

He looked up and saw Ma Yang.

“Boss Ma! Why are you here? Boss Pei just left,” Chen Yufeng said.

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Ma Yang was stunned. “Huh? Brother Qian was here? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

Chen Yufeng quickly explained, “Boss Pei said that there was no need to inform you. He only came to give us a simple task and then left. There was nothing else.”

Ma Yang looked very serious. “Eh? A mission? What mission? Brother Qian’s mission must be completed seriously!”

Chen Yufeng briefly explained Boss Pei’s request.

A slightly confused expression appeared on Ma Yang’s long face. “Brother Qian might as well have not said anything. He didn’t have any requests. Not even a direction.”

Chen Yufeng nodded. “That’s right. That’s why I’m worried.”

“Sigh, Boss Ma, why don’t you think of one?”

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“You have always been Boss Pei’s right-hand man and trusted aide. You share the same thoughts as Boss Pei. Many of the ideas you came up with have been taken in by Boss Pei. Your ideas are definitely reliable!”