Those part-time jobs are made by meritorious money

Those part-time jobs are made by meritorious money

(It’s called a great exchange, but are they planning to allocate it…?)

It takes a considerable amount of time to distribute them one by one.

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「-First of all, everyone from Year 1 Class A, please gather in front of the stage.」

The president’s beautiful voice echoed through the hall.

「So, our class is the first?」

「Hmm, I’m looking forward to see what kind of presents we’ll get!」

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「Aa, yeah.」

I walked to the stage while talking with Ria.

There were ten boxes in front of the stage that read『lottery box』.

「Each lottery box contains a numbered lot. The present with the same number as that number will be yours.」

Looking closely, the presents on the stage were affixed with a numbered paper.

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「I see, it’s completely random.」

「Yeah, it looks like it is.」

Then, we each drew a lot from the lottery box.