Do you sell gentleman orchid online?

Do you sell gentleman orchid online?

「Fufu, pretending to be tough. It’s cute. But unfortunately for you, even if I look like this, I have practiced swordsmanship!」

Tenshi-sama said, and thrust down her index finger, aimed at my chest.

(Certainly, it’s quite fast.)

It seems to be true that she has practiced swordsmanship.

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But if it’s just at this level, Dark Robe can handle it.

I clad myself in dense darkness, and defended her blow perfectly.


The moment her nail came into contact with the dark robe, her face distorted in pain.

「S-Sorry. Are you oka–」

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The brief moment when I retracted the darkness, worrying about Tenshi-sama’s welfare,

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「Just kidding.」

Tenshi-sama stabbed her index finger onto my chest, aiming for that slight opening when the dark robe disappeared.


A slight pain ran, and a little blood flowed out at the same time.

「Fufu, with this you are my faithful manservant. It’s okay. Soon you will only be able to think of me and nothing else.」Tenshi-sama hugged me tightly, and whispered into my ear.

(This is!?)