Online understanding of money formula

Online understanding of money formula

“If I could be a bit selfish here, I’d rather not hear about you leaving the school. Instead, I’d like you to cooperate with me. Even now, Tsukishiro is probably scheming to use this special exam to expel me and present me as a gift to my father. If that were to happen, all the painstaking efforts Matsuo Eiichiro went through to get me into this school would be for nothing.”

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“Are you saying that… I should’ve been doing the opposite this entire time?”

“Can you lend me your hand?”

Her delicate, smooth hand took hold of my own.

“─It’s a promise.”

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Though her hand was cold due to the rain, there was still a hint of warmth contained within.

Nanase, whose head had been down for a while now, finally looked me in the eyes.

This had nothing to do with whether she’d actually be able to help me or not.

I just needed to make good use of her so that she could, even if I ended up only using her once and throwing her away.

“You’ll catch a cold if you stay in the rain for too long, so let’s get going.”


Hello, hello everyone. It’s Kinugasa, the world’s biggest fan of Ume Chazuke, served with green tea poured over it. (Rice Soup With Japanese Pickled Plums)

First of all, please take note that this is the first time the special exam has spanned for more than one volume. I wanted to write about the other students scattered about the island, but before I knew it, I had already hit the page limit. I’m really starting to feel the limits on how much a single volume can permit.

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Back when I first started writing, I’d think to myself: “It’d be fine if I went a couple of pages over the limit, right? What’s the big deal?” Despite that optimism, most of the time I’m struggling to fit everything in. Why can’t they just make an exception for You-Zitsu and let me write over 500 pages per… No no, I’ll stop. That would probably just end up with me injuring myself in vain. I’d probably be just fine with a 50 page increase instead!