What game now can make money?

What game now can make money?

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However, whenever he thought about it this way, loss-making projects would suddenly become popular for no reason!

Was this a coincidence or a trick by fate?

Pei Qian could not explain it clearly.

However, after suffering so many times, Pei Qian finally understood a simple principle: The more he was nearing success, the more he had to put in 120%!e(MISSING)ffort and make sufficient preparations.

As for Meng Chang...

He probably did not understand it so well.

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Thus, Pei Qian felt that he had a duty to remind him as someone who had been through this before. That would save him from being too complacent and losing everything at the last minute.

Pei Qian picked up his cell phone and sighed silently.

It hasn’t been easy for me!

Not only did he have to adjust his mentality, but he also had to constantly help Eric and Meng Chang adjust their mentalities. He was afraid that they would suddenly collapse and not play with him.

However, who would know about Boss Pei’s pain?

Soon, the call went through.

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“Hello? Boss Pei?”

Meng Chang sounded relaxed and relieved.

Obviously, after more than a week of anxiety, he realized that his plan was very successful. He did not attract any unnecessary attention. Thus, he gradually relaxed.