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Word online part-time earning day

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched.

What? You want to eat a meal after the competition and give me another whipping again?

Pei Qian rejected it immediately. “I still want to watch the competition. I won’t join in the fun.”

“The protagonists today are the players. Let them have a good meal and rest.”

Wu Yue saw that Boss Pei was determined and did not insist. “Alright, Boss Pei. Please call me at any time if you need anything.”

Pei Qian sighed silently after hanging up.

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It was still too early to go back to sleep.

He would continue watching two more competitions and would go back to sleep around 11 PM. The timing was just right.

The competition continued, and the remaining two teams fought for the last slot.

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The commentator was very professional and was still using his hoarse voice to stir up the atmosphere, but the audience still left silently one after another.

Even Pei Qian could not bring himself to pay attention to the competition.

There was no helping it. He had watched too many competitions today. He was almost numb to it. It was already very kind of him to stay and listen to the competition.

Pei Qian yawned and took out his cell phone, wanting to browse the internet.

After a while, he did not notice a few more messages. They were all from Zhang Yuan and the others.

“Boss Pei, you’re so smart! You used yourself as bait to catch a big fish!”

“Long Yu Corporation thinks they’re fishermen, but they’re actually the fish! All of the popularity that Long Yu Corporation has been trying so hard to generate has been earned by the GPL and FV Club. Boss Pei managed to turn the tables without much effort. Such a strategy is too powerful!”

A row of question marks appeared on Pei Qian’s head as he read the message.