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How to make money online hook

『I believe this is a good experience. Those who see only the world’s surface and the beautiful things are, after all, thin existences of peace. The front and the back. By knowing the dirt of the world and people and growing on it, the answers you give one day will also weigh on you.』

And, he’s saying that this situation now is another way to raise yourself.

『You once said. ‘I want to be a man who can go anywhere’. Then you should go. And now is the time to learn of what you cannot see and cannot experience just by living normally. Even if the world is generally a corrupt world... a man of strength can shine in such a world.』

Know both front and back. That’s what it means to cross the world. To know the world.

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“Ah. I... somehow... I feel like I understand. At least, if I were the way I used to be, someone like Mr. Aka.... if we hadn’t talked, I would have known that there was a guy like him.”

『Oh... that is so.』

I think that falling into this situation is an opportunity to experience various things.

It’s not just positive thinking, it’s all about a brighter future.

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Tre’ainar’s words convinced me.

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“Shortcake and milk. Here you are.”

“Ah, thanks”

While we were talking, a cake shop attendant brought me cake and milk.

“Well, I’ll take some sugar and clear my head for the time being.”

『Hmm, sugar is best for a tired body.』

I’m a little hungry, and I pick up a fork and try to poke the cake.

At that time, I was worried about something.

“Hey, Tre’ainar... Well, you know...I’ve never cared....”