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[By the way, there’s something I’d like you to check with Amasawa-san first.]

I took Horikita’s question and put it into my own words before asking.

“Amasawa. There’s no need to use a whisk or a Petty knife to make Tom Yum Goong. If there’s something else you want me to make for you afterward, just go ahead and tell me now.”

It’d be troublesome if she wanted me to cook something else for her later, so I asked for her to bring it up ahead of time as Horikita instructed.

“I was gonna ask for it later, but I was thinking of having you peel me an apple.”

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It seemed like Amasawa had planned on asking for something else afterward, as suspected.

“You’re free to enjoy the leftover ingredients all you want, Senpai. Oh, and I’ll have you use the rest of those utensils we bought next time I come over, okay~?”

The Petty knife that I wasn’t sure I would actually end up using would actually serve a purpose today, but it seemed like I could put away most of the rest of the stuff for now.

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[It’s a good thing I had you check. I taught you how to use a fruit knife yesterday, so you can handle the apple, right?]

I didn’t know how far I’d get with only a day’s worth of training, but that much would probably be fine.

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[Our goal is a cooking time of about 15 to 30 minutes. You ready?]

Welp─ Let’s see how well I can do.

(Part 5 End)

Although it had taken slightly longer than expected, I had managed to make the Tom Yum Goong approximately as instructed.